Writers block 

I know a lot of writers have gotten writers block before. Some times it seems like it lasts forever. Mine definitely felt like it lasted forever. I’ve had writers block for almost four or five weeks. It’s funny how an idea for a story just comes to you at the strangest times.

I’ve been writing this book for, I don’t know, maybe a year. I think I’ve changed the name of the book and characters at least twenty times haha. I still haven’t settled on a name for this book but the story is coming right along now. I even think I’m going to turn it into a series. Maybe it’ll have two or three books. Not sure if I can fit it all into one book. If I did, it would definitely be a BIG book. Once I get closer to finishing the book I may share a chapter or the description and have you all help me chose a name for the book if I haven’t decided yet.

Anyways long story short, as of now I no longer have writers block. I got a new tablet and a keyboard case so, everywhere I go I can write a little bit more in this book.

Oh, the fun I’m having writing! To think I used to not love reading and writing feels strange to me. It really only takes that one book to make you love reading. I’m very happy I found that one book.

Enjoy your day Readers and Writers.
(Yes, I did blur out the screen.)


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